Currently no groups are in process if you are interested in attending one please contact us.

Groups for Kids

SOCIAL SKILLS  WITH  KIDS  (limited to 4 kids ages 8-10)  ADD/ADHD

SOCIAL SKILLS WITH TwEENS  ( limited to 4 tweens ages 10-13) ADD/ADHD

SOCIAL SKILLS WITH TEENS  101 ( limited to 4 teens ages 13-15) open to all

SOCIAL SKILSS WITH TEENS 102 ( limited to 4 teens ages 16-18 ) open to all

Please note that if you want your child to attend one of the groups , one or both parents need to have taken or be willing to either attend the Just one thing…  or Redirecting Children’s Behavior parenting classes and/or have an intro and exit  family session with parents and child ( usually 1.5 hour session)

  • group sessions are $ 25. each with  minimmum attendance  commitment of 6 sessions 
  •  package with 6 group and two family sessions $500.
  •  50% discount on either parenting program with this package


Groups for Adults

ADD/ADHD   Parenting   (support and strategies group for Adults with ADHD) open,  on going

PARENTS  IN  RECOVERY  (this supports all substance abuse recovery including but not limited to 12step)

PARENTING KIDS IN RECOVERY (for parents of children dealing substance abuse )

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