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Just One Thing Workshop

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Just One Thing…

Presented by C. Delene Cole, M.S., CFLE

Information Education and Support series for parents and
caregivers of children with ADD/ ADHD.

A series of 10 one hour group meetings for information and support in parenting children with ADHD, whose needs are unique and often times challenging. This is a safe place for educating and encouraging parents who often have too few support resources and too little time to effectively deal with their children’s needs. In brief but direct interactions we will address just one aspect of this complex issue of parenting at each session.

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Telling secrets. So many secrets are held in families for the purpose of protecting someone. The secret actually becomes a member of the family in some respects. It takes up residence in the family relationships. Its presence is made known by its effects. And not talking about it becomes the language of silence, pretending, hiding, self doubt, and fear. I understand that everyone has their reasons; however, if you ever want to bring the secret out of hiding, it is helpful to first identify and strengthen the factors in family members that help them cope. These are things such as support systems both in and outside of the family. Continue to maintain routines and rituals. This is important as other changes occur because the familiarity provides stability as other changes begin to happen. It is often helpful to identify the times and places that all family members have been resilient in facing challenges, and how they have found ways to do more than cope, but to adapt and integrate whatever it was, into their way of being in the world now.  I saw a family do that this past week. It was powerful. They will do more than cope and survive. They will thrive and become authentically closer.

The secret ? It is looking to take up residence in another family. It’s doubtful that it will find a home, as long as the language of silence is a foreign dialect.