Family Therapy

What is Family Therapy?

Because family members interact with each other, when one person in the family has a problem, everyone in the family has a problem. Family Therapy helps family members better understand and communicate with each other to resolve differences and conflicts, identify what the problems are, and find solutions. It helps family members find new ways to be with each other that brings about more satisfaction in relationships. It is an active and collaborative process of clinical discussions with someone who is an expert at the process, while knowing that you are ultimately the expert about yourself or your family. In order to instill change, a solution has to “have the right fit” for the family.

Sessions may involve improving communication, identifying strengths, identifying family and individual goals, resolving family conflicts, and developing coping mechanisms., learning new skills, or seeing things in a new way.

Who should attend Family Therapy?

Participating family members may include anyone who is involved in the situation. Sometimes it is an individual who chooses to come by themselves. Other times include one or both parents, alone or with some or all of the children. Other sessions may include children or teens by themselves. When appropriate, grandparents and other extended family members or even a close family friend may be included in some sessions. It is up to the famliy who attends and if the family feels it would be helpful.

When Family Therapy Can Help

  • Is your family struggling with:
  • Depression/withdrawal or low self esteem?
  • Destructive Behavior?
  • Conflicts and arguments that repeat a pattern?
  • Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse?
  • Employment/ Financial struggles?
  • Underachievement or behavioral issues in school?
  • Care giving/Chronic Illness Issues?
  • Loss and bereavement Issues?
  • Separation, Divorce or Blended Family adjustments?
  • ADD/ ADHD diagnosed or suspected?
  • Perhaps it is just too difficult for you to separate these issues and identify a problem yet you just know something is wrong.
  • When friends and family are just too close to help, and the possibility of the situations staying the same is too painful, call 727-612-1560 .

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