Personal Growth


Lifeskills 121

A workshop about authentic power and creating harmony in relationships
At some point in our lives we all come to a place of decision where we choose to move forward At those times we learn to:

  • Connect with, Access and Use Authentic Power
  • Step forward with Courage and Speak Our Personal Truth
  • Move beyond Barriers to Attain Success
  • Raise Our Capacity to Experience Joy of Living
  • Expand Our Understanding, skills and ability to succeed in Relationships
  • Bring peace to personal conflicts

Are you at that place in your life now? Would it benefit you to gain an increased level of Self-awareness and Self-acceptance? Do you want to decrease levels of internal conflict? Do you desire a lived experience of happiness and inner peace? Would it benefit you to improve your capability to connect with other people authentically, and create positive supportive and loving relationships?

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