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“Redirecting Children’s Behavior”

Are you exhausted from waking your kids up, getting them to school on time, making their meals, making sure they get their chores and homework done, breaking up fights, and getting them to bed on time? “Redirecting Children’s Behavior” is a powerful course designed to help you create the family of your dreams. Would you like more cooperation and support? If you answered yes, then this class is for you.

“Redirecting Children’s Behavior” is strongly influenced by the work of Rudolf Dreikurs, MD., author of the highly acclaimed book “Children: The Challenge”. The course was developed by Kathryn Kvols and is widely embraced by the Montessori Educational Philosophy.

What you can gain from this course:

  • Eliminate arguing, scolding and yelling and threatening
  • Feel positive about your parenting skills and good about being a parent
  • Create more time for yourself and more quality time with your child
  • Skills to promote agreement instead of fighting ,
  • positive discipline that teaches rather than punishes
  • Get on the same “parenting page” with your spouse

What your children will gain from this course:

  • Responsibility and initiative
  • Self-control and self-reliance
  • Good decision making skills
  • Resistance to peer pressure
  • Cooperation skills and develop successful attitudes

The classes are in an  held for a total of 15 hours of instruction. This allows Delene taught RCB for over 20 years, training and certifying new RCB instructors for over 14 years.  Sherecently resigned after being on the INCAF Directors Board since 2004. She no longer teaches RCB or Trains RCB instrutors, however endorses Parent Education Classes such as RCB, Postive Dicipline, and Search Institutes Developmental Assets.
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