Brene Brown – Inspiration

| June 2, 2011

Loving Me Loving U

| February 1, 2010

Just One Thing Workshop

| December 4, 2009

Just One Thing… Presented by C. Delene Cole, M.S., CFLE Information Education and Support series for parents and caregivers of children with ADD/ ADHD. A series of 10 one hour group meetings for information and support in parenting children with ADHD, whose needs are unique and often times challenging. This is a safe place for […]


| July 21, 2009

Telling secrets. So many secrets are held in families for the purpose of protecting someone. The secret actually becomes a member of the family in some respects. It takes up residence in the family relationships. Its presence is made known by its effects. And not talking about it becomes the language of silence, pretending, hiding, […]